Thursday, December 16, 2010

...My parents are old school...

I've always been behind when it came to technology. Growing up, we had the 20" TV with bunny ear antennae on the top that required constant adjustment. So while my friends were watching Rocko's Modern Life, Ahh! Real Monsters or, Rugrats. I was busy watching PBS kids shows (This meant though that I got to watch Batman Beyond though...and I will fight you if you think there is a better kids show on a non cable channel out there). Finally after a while, my parents got sick of the tube TV and upgraded to a nice big 40" Sony Bravia HDTV. Do you know what we were still missing though? Well if you guessed "Cable" or "Satellite" or even "TV that doesn't require those stupid fucking antennae" you'd be right. So finally, after a TON of arguing with my parents, I FINALLY convinced them to get a cable/high speed internet connection.

Oh that's right I forgot to mention, up until that point, I was still rocking the 56k dialup modem. You know the kind that, when you connect to the internet, doesn't allow ANYONE TO CALL IN EVER. Yeah that kind. Imagine doing...I don't know...ANYTHING on the internet at those speeds. Those of you who are old enough to remember are probably dry heaving right now. Well yeah...for those of you who are too young to remember, why are you reading my blog? No seriously you really enjoy this stuff? You know I use dirty words and you should probably not say them around your parents and stuff...and if you do DON'T tell them you learned it from me....

Oh and also I'm talking about internet that is so slow, Gmail won't load with any kind of haste. Facebook as you know it probably would take upwards of 5 minutes to fully load.

That's how slow it is.

Anyways we finally got Verizon FiOS and the cable package that came with it and it was glorious. Now you're all probably thinking "yeah that's kind of how things went when I was a kid too". Here's the only problem with that. This glorious moment came after MY FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE. AFTER my freshman year of college. That means I was poised to enter my SOPHOMORE year of college....I was legal to smoke and gamble BEFORE I could even play flash games online. I could fight and die for my country before I could pirate any music.

Well keeping with this rate of technological adoption, my dad has only recently really discovered youtube....and he's excited about it. I don't really talk to him all that much when I am home, but in the past month, he's come to chat with me about all the things he's found on youtube at least twice a week (mostly badminton videos....). Today he showed me a badminton video of some chinese superstar badminton player getting a new racquet and subsequently hitting birdies into a tube on the other side of the court. If you don't know how impressive this is...well it's fucking impressive. Unfortunately it has also been done before. The video was an almost shot for shot remake of Roaldinho's New Nike Cleats commercial. Well I showed him that (as well as a video of Bruce Lee playing ping pong using Nunchucks) and...well...I don't think I've ever seen him get so excited. He promptly asked me to email him both of those videos and rushed downstairs, presumably to watch them on his laptop.

I can only look forward to the day he discovers viral videos and internet memes. I don't know if my brain could handle hearing him say "roflcopter".

...And that's what I learned today.

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