Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Special part 1!

Over thanksgiving I learned that...

...Working from home is not easy...

On Wednesday before thanksgiving, I got the opportunity to work from home, this mystical and legendary thing once only thought to exist in the realm of cinema. You know the scene. The overworked father, running from room to room as his three year old destroys the house one panel of sheetrock at a time, drawing on any available surface and screaming battle cries heard only many centuries ago when the great Persian army clashed against Alexander The Great and the mighty Macedonian force upon the fields on Gaugamela. This stressed father, phone in hand, cord wrapped around his body, futilely attempts to chase his toddler around the house while conducting business with important clients around the world. Naturally this all ends in disaster (In a slow motion cut to the child slamming his or her favorite toy on the receiver, cutting short the call and thus the multi-million dollar contract their firm has been working for months to build).

I was naturally concerned (y'know, cuz I believe EVERYTHING I see in the movies...there is no spoon goddamnit...) about my own well-being as I entered this day of work (rolling out of bed and booting up my computer all before putting gym shorts on) worried about toddlers and ruining the future of the company forever...Palms sweaty and brow creased, I logged into my company computer, accessed my company VPN and logged onto my company email, afraid at what I might see there.

And then I had to find something to do because I had a grand total of 4 emails in my inbox, and after answering those, I didn't have much left to do. Finally some more work came down the line and I snatched it up immediately, but then I encountered an entirely new problem...procrastination. I was tasked with reading through a document and editing it lightly for content and grammar. I started off strong, but my will quickly faded. The magnetic pull of the dark screen of my TV, the smooth plastic of my Xbox controller, the warm comfort of my blanket all called me away from my computer, their siren songs echoing in my skull. I quickly recovered momentarily, only to be pulled away from any sort of productivity once again. I wondered how I ever did this in college, only to remember that I was the worst procrastinator UMass Amherst had likely ever seen in the long and varied history of the university. I watched the minutes tick away on the clock until I could finally throw my hands up in the air and declare myself "off the clock".

Finally 3pm rolled around and I shut off my computer, sliding it back into the dark confines of my backpack. And, like a crack addict finding the evidence room at the DEA after a particularly hefty bust, I set upon my xbox with a voracious fury that left my virtual opponents gasping for breath, wondering just what that whirlwind of pwnage that swept through the digital landscape was.

...And that's what I learned today.


  1. so how'd you do at Minado?
    i definitely walked out of there full & happy, knowing that was a $31 well spent.....
    im pretty sure i ate twice that amount in food, cause raw oysters and sushi arent exactly cheap....
    then there was dessert and ice cream....
    mmmm good times.

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