Friday, November 5, 2010

...Blog URLs are hard to register...

I tried everything. Every service, every site, every possible combination of URLs that hit on the theme for this new blog. And I got NOTHING in return. What bugs me most about this is that blog URLs like todayilearnedthat or any permutation thereof were all already TAKEN. Perturbed and curious about what other worldly genius could have thought of my idea before me, I went to these sites, just to see whether or not my beautiful and wonderful idea had already been taken. Well guess what? It hadn't. In fact, all of these sites had absolutely NO CONTENT! Don't get me wrong, I am not a creative person by any means, but seriously?!

The whole thing begs the question, should internet real estate really cost as much as it does? I was talking to my mom about what I have labelled "one-off sites". You know the kind of site I'm talking about. The site whose URL is a question, and the entire site design is simply a one word answer. Perfect example is doescreedsuck dot com. My mom thought that was dumb because it was a waste of a perfectly good URL. Who the hell else is going to register doescreedsuck dot com?! It then occurred to me that companies paid millions, perhaps even billions of dollars for the url mail dot com or weather dot com. At the same time, the entire concept behind internet real estate weirds me out. Actual real estate, that is real actual land, has a limit. There is a finite quantity of land on this planet (until we start colonizing the shit outta space, a project that will undoubtedly be headed by Nathan Fillion or some project in his name should he not have been awoken from a state of cryogenic stasis yet). But on the internet, realistically, there are infinite number of sites. There is no end to the internet. As long as people keep providing the storage space for these sites, we could see an infinite number of websites pop up. a dot com would be different from aa dot com would be different from aaa dot com and on and on and on.

Even the universe has a finite edge. So there you have it, the internet is bigger than the universe.

(and yes I know that the more obvious a URL is the more searchable it is blah blah blah, you don't have to tell me that)

ANYWAYS, the point of this post, before going off on a HUGE tangent, was to introduce the blog. Basically there are a ton of people out there who blog about their lives and have millions of followers and get all kinds of fame, fortune and attention they don't really deserve (see Perez Hilton). Well this is my halfhearted attempt at grabbing a slice of that dingy, dirty, self-deprecating pie. Why might you ask? Because I want my voice to be heard and my opinion matters. That's what my second grade teacher told me and that's what I'm sticking with. As for what kind of nonsense I'll be posting, the rule is it has to be something I learned on the day of posting. Chances are the shit I post will not be useful in ANY way to you, the reader, unless you attend a particularly Eric-centric trivia night at Chili's on tuesday nights...which I hope doesn't exist, because that means they owe me a fuckton of royalties for using my name a life story.

ANYWAYS, I'll be posting stuff on work, life, video games (which are my life), and whatever else I feel like. There will also probably be many typos, grammatical errors and plenty of profanity, so caveat emptor. And feel free to correct me on any of this stuff. Just know that when I successfully invent a way to punch people in the balls over the internet, you will be first on my list.

And that's what I learned today.

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