Monday, November 8, 2010

...I'm no longer sure how I feel about Daylight Savings...

I'm fairly certain I know how most people feel about the Daylight Savings adjustment that we go through every late fall. For the vast majority of people, they're glad to have that one extra hour of sleep on Sunday. Everyone essentially jumps for joy to be able to sleep an extra hour on a day that even god rested on. I mean come on! You get an extra hour of sleep on a day when YOU CAN SLEEP IN AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE! And for that, what do you get in return? When you leave work every single day, it will be DARK. Yes I know that the days naturally shorten through the winter, but as I sit here at my desk, the Monday after daylight savings hit, I wonder to myself, is it really worth it? Is it really?

Because the weather outside is shit, and the sun has been setting behind those disgusting overcast clouds for the past several hours, and it is making it hard to work. It makes the hours feel that much longer and makes them feel like they are dragging worse and worse. Don't get me wrong, i love my job, but not when its this dark and dreary out. And what's worst? This gets to keep happening for the next SEVERAL MONTHS.

I think what boggles my mind the most about all this is just how much contention there was over this stuff back in the day. I wanted to find a list of countries that follow Daylight Savings time, and wikipedia told me WAY more than I wanted to know (as wikipedia typically does). Apparently this shitshow was started back in 1895 by G.V. Hudson, an Entomologist from New Zealand (A country which people here lovingly refer to as "that place where Lord of the Rings was filmed"). The dude basically wanted some extra daytime after he got off work (which he spent designing STAINED GLASS WINDOWS) to go out and chase bugs around the forest. His original proposal was for TWO FREAKING HOURS CHANGEOVER. I just want you to think that over for a moment. Instead of the sun setting at 4-5 pm most of the winter, the sun would be setting as early as 3. FUCK THAT. I occasionally wake up at 2pm. The last thing I need in my winter life is to wake up one weekend to a beautiful SUNSET. Well after quite a bit of arguing and a Schroedinger's-Cat/Brett-Favre's-Career style existence, it was eventually voted into law...some places...and not even universally in the US at the start....and still not even necessarily followed today...fucking Arizona....

And that's what I learned today.

PS: Take a look at this goddamn map....there are countries in South America that observe Daylight Savings Time while other countries IN THE SAME GODDAMN TIME ZONE don't. Time travel: Easy as piss in South America (All you gotta do is cross a border apparently)


  1. You need to travel to Iceland. Both winter AND summer. You'll get to experience both extremes AND have amazing hot dogs in the process.

  2. I love it! But then again, I hate sunlight and wish the sun set at 3pm every day!

  3. Have you considered waking up prior to 2 pm?

  4. @Ross: Hahahaha you keep talking about Iceland man...

    @Vinny: lol really?

    @Jens: Not on the weekends no....and certainly not after a heavy night of drinking.