Thursday, May 5, 2011

...brokenCYDE even sucks IRL?!?!

Say it ain't so!

So these are some current events that aren't really current anymore, but I'll just say that there's a lag time around when I get an idea and when I post it...and let's just leave it at that shall we?

So early last week, BrokenCYDE made the news again, this time not being compared to an onion by Rolling Stone. No this time they're being accused of actual physical kind, not the kind where they rape our ears and collective consciousnesses.

According to the Alt Press, BrokenCYDE members got into a brawl with with another band Punchline, leaving their drummer pretty bloody. Now I don't have all of the facts, but in a classic case of "he said she said ON TEH INTARWEBZ!" Punchline drummer Cory Muro posted a picture (taken using the traditional iPhone/Mirror myspace technique) on twitter of him bleeding pretty profusely from his face and head. Accordingly Punchline's lead singer, BrokenCYDE members, along with a large group of other people (fans?) "jumped" Muro and beat him until they were pulled off of him. Well this is where things get REALLY mature. Instead of settling their problems like adults (by talking it out and/or suing the shit out of each other) or like "real men" (keep fighting until one person emerges as the winner), they get into a TWITTER FIGHT. Quoth the official BrokenCYDE twitter:

"We didn't jump anyone! Ur boy started popping off and got what happens! REALLY OVER MUSIC? grow up. A guy was talking shit for awhile and then he said it to the wrong guy and got socked up n the other guy that got into it got served as well! And all OVER MUSIC?! people need to grow up. People talk crap to us and don't realize it won't fly... Have common sense and don't hate on 10 people standing pissed off in front of you. We don't hate on anyone or any band doing their thing... Fighting over music is defeating the point of what were trying to accomplish. Literally 2 people were fighting and the rest of our crew was holding them back. The guy was talking a mass of shit before anything happened." (obviously that's taken over several tweets....)

Well lets just get right into this nonsense shall we? I'll forgive the contractions (because of the character restraint) and the poor grammar and just deal with the content of the message itself.

1) You're admitting you're guilty...I mean...I don't care who said what about whose music is shit and deserves to be killed with fire, you ADMITTED that you threw the first punch. You even said "A guy was talking shit for a while...and got socked up" (who the fuck says "socked up"...? Didn't that word die in the 90s?). So right there, you've admitted to starting the fight, which brings me to my next point.

2) You're admitting you had A BUNCH OF GUYS THERE. AGAIN you say "Don't hate on 10 people standing pissed in front of you". YET ANOTHER admission of guilt and having a BUNCH of guys there (thus fitting Punchline's side of the story that there were somewhere around 15 guys beating the shit out of their drummer).

3) You're taking the moral high ground? Aroo? Seriously? Now I'm not a legal expert by ANY means but I don't think you can say that "Ur boy was popping off and got what happens" then turn around and say "fighting over music is defeating the point of what we're trying to accomplish"....because you started the fight (physically speaking) over music (yours) and now try and claim that fighting over music (again started by you) is defeating the purpose of your music (shitty)??? And furthermore, WHAT IS THE POINT OF YOUR MUSIC? WHAT FUCKING POINT COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE DEFEATING?

Now I've been in my fair share of internet fights, but never on TWITTER (because really, it's difficult to properly formulate a logical argument/long string of curse words with a mere 140 charaters). But poor choice of venue aside, you don't defend your position by SAYING that the guy got what he deserved and that you were just defending your artistic....I'd say talent know....yeah...

Maybe I'm just not scene enough to understand the internet slapfight in front of me, but either way, I would have handled this differently...(that is, smiled and laughed, then posted mean things about then anonymously on my livejournal while crying and eating girl scout cookies....cuz that's how I roll BITCHES)

...And that's what I learned today.

PS: For the sake of being fair and balanced, Punchline isn't being 100% mature either. But they're going with the passive aggressive route (yes more passive aggressive than TWEETING) by registering the domain "brokencydesucks dot com" and giving their album out for free on there. And while that isn't the most mature move, I think it's fucking hilarious so I won't make too much noise about it.


  1. Okay, enough, I can't keep a straight face anymore. Put It On A Dog, wooden robot named Cratenbarrel, Mouse-Fort, Fearnado, Krav Maga, Cyanide Snow, Fisherman's Mouth, Poor Social Creature, Melancholyphant. And I guess we can add "Dave Matthews" to the pile...?

    Shutting it down.

  2. is that what hipster rage looks like?

  3. Well played sir...well played...